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What We Treat

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive approach to health and healing.  While there are some issues that people come to us for more than others, there is no condition that we don't treat.

One of the great advantages to using TCM is that we group symptomology much differently than western medicine, so what is a strange case for an M.D. is often a textbook case for us.

Even after their condition is resolved many patients continue to see us regularly to maintain health.  Prevention and early intervention are strengths of TCM.

While there are too many conditions to list, the following are some issues that we commonly treat with Acupuncture and TCM but didn't get their own page:
  - Digestive Issues
  - Allergies
  - Chronic Fatigue
  - Asthma
  - Anemia
  - Parkinson's
  - Neurological Disorders
  - Frequent Colds and Flu
  - Quit Smoking
  - Weight Loss
  - Seasonal Attunements
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