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At Eastgate Acupuncture our simple mission is to reduce suffering and empower people by means of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

No suffering is too great or too small for us to apply the whole of ourselves against it .

No person is of too high or too low a station for us to apply our compassion and empathy towards, to see as a reflection of ourselves, and to use that understanding as a means of both motivation and diagnosis.

We seek to be a resource of skill and knowledge for people to remove the obstacles in their lives that prevent self knowledge and actualization.

We seek to develop mutually beneficial relationships of abundance between ourselves and patients, employees, colleagues, and all allied professions


As a business we believe we have as much responsibility to our employees as we do our patients.

To our colleagues from other clinics we say that no good acupuncturist is in competition with another.  Our medicine belongs to the people and everyone needs it.  We are only in competition with ignorance and incompetence.

We believe that we are truly blessed to have found this profession as our own health and prosperity are directly linked to those we do business with.  We only prosper when others do well, and in this day and age the opposite is the norm.

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