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Acupuncture for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

As acupuncturists in modern day New York, it should be no surprise that we treat stress, anxiety, and depression daily.

These issues can be the cause of other ailments, the result of other ailments, or just a complicating factor that must be addressed.

Significant stress alone has been shown to increase inflammatory markers in blood tests, to lower immunity, to cause weight gain, and to wreak havoc on delicate hormonal systems.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has an ornate understanding of the ways in which specific emotions cause specific physical symptoms and vice versa.

We have a tremendous amount of experience helping people with emotional distress both as a stand alone complaint and as a complicating factor of a more physical issue.

Some of the most common stress and emotionally related issues we treat daily with Acupuncture and TCM are:
  - Anxiety
  - Depression
  - Insomnia
  - Panic Attacks
  - Headaches
  - ADD
  - Acid reflux
  - IBS
  - Neck and Shoulder Pain
  - Various Skin Conditions
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