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Acupuncture for Men's Health

Men's health consists of two sides.  The first are problems unique to the male body such as Erectile Dysfunction and Prostate Cancer, which we have plenty of experience treating (yes we can help with your ED).  But the second is lifestyle based.  Heart disease, unintentional injuries, stroke, and suicide are all within the top 10 causes of male deaths.  In 2002 men accounted for 53% of employed workers but 92% of occupational injuries.

You're average American man takes better care of his car than his own health.  Men are taught to work through pain, to be stoically silent, and to put others before themselves.  These are excellent attributes for anyone, but when taken too far they can cause or mask serious health problems.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is empowering. It enables people to take charge of their own health, to train harder, to work longer, to be mentally sharp, and to keep western medical intervention to a minimum.  We often find that these are the main health goals of the men who visit us.  Traditional Chinese Medicine is well equipped, and we are well experienced, to helping people achieve them.

Some of the most common issues men come to us for help with are:
  - High Blood Pressure
  - Insomnia
  - Sports Injuries
  - Erectile Dysfunction
  - Diabetes
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