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Acupuncture for Fertility & Pregnancy

We have helped so many people with their fertility, and so many mothers with their pregnancy journey. We are incredibly proud of the fertility work that we do. We are incredibly humbled by our patients' trust in us to to allow us to help them with such an important issue. And we are incredibly appreciative that we are able to participate in such rewarding work. 

People often ask us why Traditional Chinese Medicine is such a powerful tool for fertility and we have to explain it like this: With a population of 1.3 billion people China knows about fertility.  Traditional China was a clan based agrarian society - this meant that the strength of a village was largely based on it's population.  Because of this there is a tremendous body of knowledge about fertility within Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


We couple Traditional Chinese Medicine's functional understanding of fertility with the latest medical research and scientific understandings of the human reproductive system to create a highly effective. approach to treating fertility and healthy pregnancy.

Some of the most common issues with fertility and pregnancy that we help treat using Acupuncture and TCM are:

  -Irregular menstruation

  - PCOS

  - Endometriosis

  - Hormonal Imbalances

  - IVF/ IUI Preparation and Transfer

  - Repetitive Miscarriage

  - Early Pregnancy Support

  - Pregnancy induced Sciatica & Carpal Tunnel

  - Breached Babies

  - Labor Prep and Induction

For more information please visit our fertility website: Eastgate Fertility
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