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Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation

What is Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation and how does it work?

First it’s important to realize that Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation is not a face lift. We work to make you look naturally younger, to ease deeper lines, strengthen sagging muscles, erase fine lines and improve your complexion. These treatments result in looking healthier and younger because we work to balance your body inside and out.


Acupuncture Rejuvenation works by improving blood circulation and bringing vital nutrients to the muscles and skin cells. In addition, the insertion of fine needles into the skin causes positive stimulation which encourages collagen and elastin production.


We treat the development of wrinkles that are caused by muscle imbalance and electrolyte imbalance as well as wrinkles that have settled into the skin. We can also improve drooping and sagging by using muscle motor points to tone and reset facial muscles. With our discriminating organic products and treatments we also address the clarity and texture of the complexion.


What results should I expect?


The first thing you will usually notice within the first session or two is a clear and radiant complexion. You will appear to be more rested; wrinkles may start to lessen and the skin appears more toned. These effects may only last a day or two and then revert to their original state but because acupuncture has a cumulative effect these changes will last longer and longer through treatment.


To be most effective we initially recommend a series of 12 facials. It will usually be between sessions 5 and 7 that you will begin to notice the bigger changes: even more marked changes in wrinkles, skin tone, etc. The impression of relaxation and calm is more pronounced; you will appear as if you have returned from a vacation. Lifting of the jowls, neck and the eyes has begun and is usually noticeable. With continuing treatment, constitutional issues like digestive complaints have been ameliorated or subsided. After the first treatment, one usually observes an increased glow to the complexion, the result of increased Qi and blood flow to the face.


By the end of a series, you should look and feel 5-10 years younger. These results may vary slightly, depending upon age, condition of skin and how well the patient has taken care of themselves during the process, and afterward. At this stage, booster treatments every 2-6 weeks provide ongoing support within a normal process of aging.


Why should you choose Eastgate Acupuncture?


We are trained in the Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal TM system developed and taught worldwide by Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, however, we also incorporate traditional Japanese rejuvenation techniques taught by Dr. Steven Jackowicz and modern scientific methods to bring you the most complete treatment possible. The products we use are 100% natural and organic leaving your skin healthy and nourished! Our Deluxe Facial Rejuvenation system consists of a full body acupuncture treatment that will approach you both constitutionally and cosmetically. We believe your whole body must be addressed in addition to directly stimulating the skin in order to create deeper clarity and beauty. In addition to the Facial and Full-body acupuncture, the Deluxe Rejuvenation consists of multiple masks, moisturizers, facial massage and micro-stimulation. For those who want a quick booster treatment we also offer the Basic Facial Rejuvenation which consists of just the facial treatment. We also are now offering a Jade Guashi Facial which is a non-needle facial. It consist of using a jade massage tool with pressure to massage and lift the skin from the decolletage to the hairline. We follow up the massage with an organic mask from Dr. Alkaitis.







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